About Me

I was born in Philadelphia,PA. As i grew up i watch my mother  become a successful women in her career field. While working she also started creating a Real Estate pro-folio. I watch her run her business and work and was always fascinated that someone can make money on their own as they demand. 

My mother ended selling all her real estate and settle for her career and moved us to Sicklerville , NJ. This is where in high school i learned that success would not just come to me but instead i had to plan for it. I skip almost every class weekly to go to the library and write business plans and plan my future. I'd had my business plans to teachers and students and was never taken serious. Some people even laughed at my ideas. This only made me work harder.


After high school my mother gave me two options. Go to college or leave her house. I choose to leave. I moved back to philly and got a sales job. This is were i learned sales and marketing . Knocking on doors and pitching each and every day. It would only take me a couple months to quit that job and use the money i generated to start actually working on my first business. 

I now currently own serval businesses and i am a motivational content creator. I help people make money with e-commerce and i share my experience with students through courses and one on one sessions. Hustler Mindset was created to help entrepreneurs go through a smooth transition into different income streams while having an option to use service in one place . 


I look forward to working with you all.


-Brandon Jones