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Earbuds With Type C Connection

Earbuds With Type C Connection

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Earphones deliver the exact audio immersion anywhere you are. Just plug in for sweet audio serendipity. Supreme Sound Quality High Resolution chip that converts standard resolution audio (16 bit analog) to superior Lossless Audio (24 bit digital), HiFi Digital stereo surround balance Input. Type C port adopts 24bit/96KHz digital audio which replaces traditional 3.5mm port, restores hifi sound by connecting digital signal. Enjoy listening to crystal clear mids and highs. Effective Noise Cancelling: When playing the music with 20-30% volume, no matter if you’re in the noisy streets or in the train or plane, you will not hear any noise. It lets you hear only the music wrapped in your ear.

Note: If your phone has a 3.5mm jack, this type-C USB interface earphones cannot be used because the female seat on type-C mobile phone motherboards do not have any audio pin. So this will not work with mobiles which have both c-type and 3.5mm jack. If your phone has only type-c jack and no 3.5mm jack, this earphone can be used.

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