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Electronic Flipping Master Class

Electronic Flipping Master Class

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About this Class 

This class will showcase a personalized coaching session. Work hand and hand on building and posting products on your selling apps and sites. While also being taught how to find trending products. Find vendors and the sites that will maximize your profit. You will walk away from this course with not only a understanding of how to build your second income but also the tools and connections to get the job done.   

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fastest way to excel product listings and how it relates to boosting and building your income stream.
  • Learn why A online income is important and beneficial.
  • Learn top product vendors 
  • Learn how to find trending products 
  • Get several walkthroughs on product listings on various sites 
  • Learn how to list products with NO MONEY DOWN 
  • Ask any question you have and get the right answers that will steer you in the right direction

Class Schedule

Our first class will be on 05/28/23

Follow up Class will be on 06/11/23

*There will be follow up courses every other Sunday to help you maintain your success*

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